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Global Agricultural Development Foundation (GAD) is an international development organization. focuses on helping agricultural entrepreneurs in developing countries by teaching them practical skills.

We are a public benefit corporation and are committed to empower Afghan women & Men and bolstering the country’s economy. GAD reinvests back into agricultural and manufacturing infrastructure.Connecting Afghan farmers with the global market is key to unlocking the economic potential of Afghanistan. By building demand for Afghan agricultural products and creating a global supply chain, we can directly impact the economic development of the country. GAD starts in Kenya with dairy farmers and will extend to neighbouring countries. GAD reinvests back into agricultural and manufacturing infrastructure


GAD wants to reduce the global food problem by supporting sustainable agricultural activities. By increasing the self-reliance of agricultural entrepreneurs in developing countries, GAD also wants to make the sector more attractive to young people.


GAD believes in strengthening agricultural entrepreneurs in developing countries. We focus on developing already existing agricultural entrepreneurship. We empower these entrepreneurs with additional knowledge and expertise.


Together with executive parties, GAD aims to provide practical skills training to agricultural entrepreneurs in developing countries.

By increasing the knowledge and skills of the agricultural entrepreneurs GAD strives to:

  • Improve living conditions and self-sufficiency.

  • Raise the food supply and food safety in the project countries to a higher level.

  • Support the agricultural business connection with the Netherlands.

The overall purpose of the foundation is to grow and develop the agricultural infrastructure of the farmers.

GAD is Approved By:

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