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Global Agricultural Development Foundation (GAD) is an international development organization dedicated to assisting agricultural entrepreneurs in developing countries by imparting practical skills. As a public benefit corporation, GAD is committed to empowering individuals worldwide and enhancing the economies of their respective countries. Through reinvestment into agricultural and manufacturing infrastructure, GAD aims to facilitate connections between farmers and the global market, fostering economic growth and sustainability.


GAD strives to address global food insecurity through sustainable agricultural practices. By empowering agricultural entrepreneurs in developing countries, GAD seeks to make the sector more appealing to young people while promoting self-reliance.


GAD envisions a world where agricultural entrepreneurs in developing countries are empowered and equipped with the necessary knowledge and expertise to thrive. The focus is on bolstering existing agricultural entrepreneurship through skill enhancement.


In collaboration with stakeholders, GAD endeavors to provide practical skills training to agricultural entrepreneurs in developing countries. By enhancing their knowledge and capabilities, GAD aims to:

  • Improve living standards and self-sufficiency.

  • Enhance food supply and safety within project countries.

  • Foster connections between agricultural businesses and the Netherlands.


The overarching goal of the foundation is to enhance and expand the agricultural infrastructure for farmers globally.

GAD is Approved By:

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