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​Agriculture at a Crossroad-

Business as usual is not an option!

Poverty and unemployment have been one of the major issues today, which has been brought to the attention of international community and is one of the sustainable development goals and high ideals of humans. We human beings have a duty to combat the phenomenon of poverty and pollution through various legal paths, one of the most precise and effective solutions. The highlight is the growth and development of agriculture. In this way we can say no to huger, distress and control the situation of 688 million people on our planet that are starving from hunger while 1.9 billion are suffering from the ill effects of overweight and obesity. Our global food system is one of the most significant contributors to climate change, loss of biodiversity, pollution and water shortages as well as preventable disease, poverty and injustice. We are committed to upgrading the foundation of the agricultural development of this economy with a global outlook and expanding our horizons to the most vital services in the world. Above all, we are grateful to God for those involved in this positive record.

Our Activities Are:

  • Creating a field of activity for interested women and men by providing employment in agriculture and gardening and their contribution in harvesting to the global and international markets

  • Obtaining grants to individuals, institutions, international banks and distributing them to interested and needy people in gardening and agricultural affairs.

  •  Coordinate and agronomists between inclusive farmers at the global level with facilities for their work by creating discourses, seminars, training, meetings, and referrals to support their working capacities and professional.

  • Capacity building for agricultural graduates through experiential training, seminars, and workshops.

  •  Creation of marketing of agricultural and horticultural products through standardization process and export to foreign countries.

  • Growth, support, and development of medicinal plants for help to the health of human societies and analyzing these products through world-class laboratories.

  • Consultation with foreign agencies to establish areas to help standardize farmers' activities.

  • Create advertising campaigns for labels and gardens with standardized labeling to all media around the world and awareness their brand.

  • Providing the field for the transportation and export of Afghan women and men's commodities and agricultural products directly, free of charge, with huge taxation to assist the growth and development of agribusiness.

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